Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Akin-Breaky Heart

It's always disappointing when evil has to cull one of its own paragons; a rabid knight in black armor that has suddenly gone too rabid for so many of the sheep that they are trying to fleece that it tips the scales of the balance of power back to virtue.

I, too, am joining the call for representative Akin to step down. Not for what he said or believes; these are standard fare for those of his caste1. No, I'm calling for his career to be fed into the woodchipper of failure because of his audacity, carelessness and lack of grace to speak of it aloud; to put definitive, inevasible and irrefutable words into the heads of the undecided voting populace2 instead of the vague trigger words that nonetheless bring specific thoughts of fear, racism, and misogyny while playing to all the hidden layers of the worst of mankind.

Unfortunately, when one reaches for the dog whistle but grabs the megaphone instead, it quickly turns into quite the unmanageable kerfuffle.

Bishop Romney3 is having enough of a difficult time convincing people he can relate to them4; we don't need someone keep bringing those crazy views up to remind people what the Republican party really stands for. I can't help but to shudder when I imagine him unthinkingly disgorge how we're going to keep taxing the poor to give breaks to the rich, how we're going to destroy the middle class and the environment at every turn to make a buck, or how corporations get special treatment over the commonfolk.

On the other hand, this sacrificial lamb does bring about one nice thing now that I think about it: how long has it been since you've heard anyone mention those tax returns that may show that he's actually a felon?

1. His caste being those that are servants to those of us that run things behind the scenes, the types that his ilk hold umbrellas and serve drinks to while toadying up to us to ask for more money and favors. And a job after they've used up their usefulness to us.
2. What few people are still undecided, that is: after the countless gaffes and inability of the propaganda arm of the Republican party to convince the mindless sheep of the country that their chosen one is 'one of them' and 'just a successful, ordinary guy' and an 'international businessman on an important international business trip'.
3. He's still using 'Bishop', right? Or is it 'Sir'? 'Grand Wizard'? It's so difficult to keep straight these days.
4. Funny, the easiest way that The Leadership in the past has pulled this one off is to say, "Who would you rather have a beer with?" Well, guess why can't they use that one anymore? Yeah... don't want to bring up yet another difference he has with the majority of the lesser classes that he expects to vote for him.

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