Friday, June 29, 2012

Inadvised Advertise.

So I've had these for a little while now, figured that since today I felt lazy, I could use them to fulfill my self-imposed requirement to write.

Hey everyone!  Who's up for a Clubb Massage??

Call Bill E. now to reserve your time!

While we're on the subject...

OF COURSE it's "real beef"...

...except that 12% mysterious "signature recipe". Which, incidentally, might actually be a finely-chopped, signed paper recipe1.

1. Yes, the photo quality is terrible. I took it while going through the drive through2.
2. You might be asking yourself, "Self? Why was he going through the drive through?" Your self would answer "I don't know, sheesh! Now concentrate on driving before OH SHIT LOOK OUT!" Of course, your sad, distracted mind couldn't know that I was there to make a delivery. I mean, what else am I going to DO with all that failed genetic experimentation3? Taco Bell takes it all and doesn't ask questions. Just the way I like it.
3. The genetic experimentation is on Lettuce. Sometimes tomatoes. Nothing that would constitute the 88% "premium4 ground beef".
4. "Premium Ground Beef" takes on a much darker tone when you realize it was probably first said in the Taco Bell context as "Preemie... uhm... 'ground beef'."5
5. Inappropriate quotation marks for the win!

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