Monday, June 11, 2012

Yardwork - the broken magnetic resonance generator to this body's plasma coil.

Curse this corporeal form!

One of the things I'm learning to deal with is the prevalence of these so-called "allergies". To maintain my cover tonight in this sleepy, unsuspecting suburban enclave, I was forced to do yardwork on the previous evening. If I hadn't, the city would have come along and fined me for allowing "noxious weeds" to grow. Little do they know what grew in my greenhouse of evil back in my island fortress.

At any rate, anything short of negating the atomic bonds that hold their molecules together and causing a cascade disintegration leaves behind evidence, and since I was forced to leave the portable version of that weapon behind I must comply to avoid suspicion (for now).

The mowing and weeding itself isn't that difficult, though why anyone would voluntarily keep "grass" is beyond me. Broken rock and the skulls of my vanquished foes was always enough for just the right atmosphere back at the lair. It's the pollen in the air and the cut grass. These mortal lungs have difficulty after even a short time, and it just builds up to be worse until breathing is a chore and my eyes are watering. I rushed to finish and then got inside to the micro-lab and mixed up some Albuterol with an inhalant vector, took a dose, and it was quite a relief. Additionally, sitting in front of the air conditioner was helpful as well.

So it's well known that these allergies bother multitudes of people. Why haven't they figured out a way to fix it yet? Knowing my former "peers" (many of whom run drug companies), it's because it's far more profitable to make quick fixes. This may not even be intentional: why bother looking for more permanent fixes while your drug is selling well? The thing that I don't understand is why they don't develop something that works better? Many people would pay much more for a more effective solution... even sell their own souls, if I properly overheard some of the mutterings of allergy sufferers. Or is it a question of capability? Note to self: develop new better working and more complete daily allergy relief medication for ordinary humans.

I'm assuming that my cover is good enough that my enemies will not connect the writer of this weblog to my real identity. They'd know to develop weapons based on this newly-discovered allergy weakness. Perhaps I'd best hurry developing my anti-allergy defenses, at any rate.

Have a nightmarish day, foul followers.

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